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Meeting In-Person

Approaches to safe gathering after COVID-19 are evolving daily.  The events community continues to collaborate & to create this criteria.  Working closely with the venue is critical, & some items to consider are:

  • Review of state & federal guidelines,  then confirm the venue is up to code.

  • Verify venue implemented training for staff to ensure compliance.  

  • Inquire if venue will be using thermal tech at entrance, & let guests know in advance.  It is recommended guests check their own temperature prior to arrival (which will vary by state).

  • Virtual registration is ideal, or floor markers for safe distance to register in person.

  • Aisle ways designated to only one direction so guests do not pass each other. or 12ft wide.

  • Confirm venues has hand sanitizer stations & know their locations.​

  • Inquire if elevators are needed to access space, & evaluate if this will work for the group.

  • Floor markers in networking spaces to guide guests for safe networking.

  • Decreased space capacity set up will be necessary:

    • Board room seating 6ft apart​

    • Exhibits set 6ft with floor markers indicating safe standing distance.

    • Classroom 1 per 6ft

Groups may decide to have a smaller amount of guests meet in-person, and have additional guests join virtually.  This is known as a hybrid event/meeting, and will be the trend moving forward.

How Venues Can Prepare For Hybrid Events

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